Joy Ryde-A 50 minute class that includes intervals, sprints, hill climbs and is geared for rider of all fitness levels.  Rydes are set to fun music and incorporate resistance and speed training. 

Lunch Crunch-Get your H.I.T.T. of Realryder Indoor Cycling.  The Lunch Crunch is a high intensity interval training (H.I.T.T.) session on the RealRyder’s.  H.I.T.T. is about mixing high speed/high intensity intervals with moderate recovery periods. 

RealRyder Cycling-This class incorporates all the movements of the RealRyder Indoor Cycle- turns, tilts, and leans. Experience an expanded range of dynamic, functional movements, with a comprehensive, functional total body workout, with special emphasis on activating essential core muscles.  Burn between 500-800 calories in this class!

Tabata Ryde-Interval training on the bike that involves performing 20 seconds of all out intensity, followed by 10 seconds of rest.  The cycle is repeated 8 times, making the entire interval workout last only 4 minutes.  Build cardio capacity and torch calories!

The Mix-Be prepared to get thrown in “The Mix”.  This Class will change weekly from Basic RealRyder Cycling to Tabata Intervals to Cali-Ryde(alternating on the bike for drills and then off the bike for some old school calisthenics)…we might even throw in a Virtual Ryde now and again!

Virtual Ryde- Using our High Definition projector and large screen you will be led by an instructor featuring high-intensity interval workouts, killer soundtracks, great story lines and local and worldwide footage. This class is suitable for all cyclists from beginners to professionals. Virtual rides can focus on mountain biking, snow biking or road biking.